About Sword of Mars

We are a United States based extension of master sword maker Viktor Berbekucz, located in Pecel, Hungary, offering beautifully handcrafted re-creations of swords and other ancient weapons for the collector, reenactments, and movie props. The creation of this website is in tribute to the warriors of the past, irrespective of race or nationality, who fought for truth.

George Andrew Lisjak

Dr. George Lisjak was born in Dansville, NY on May 5, 1960. He is a Magna Cum Laude Honor Graduate of Life University of Chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Lisjak is certified in Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Acupuncture. Dr. Lisjak is a Human Anatomy and Physiology instructor.

Dr. Lisjak's grandfather, Djuro (Gyorgy) Lisjak (Liszjac) was born in Donja-Dubrava on the Croatian-Hungarian border. He moved to the United States in 1924. Dr. Lisjak's mother, Alice (Dorey) is of English and Native American descent.

Dr. Lisjak studied martial arts since he was 14. He is a recognized Praying Mantis Kung Fu master.


Viktor Berbekucz

Viktor Berbekucz is a Master Sword Maker in Pecel, Hungary. He has been fascinated by swords and daggers since his childhood. At age 14, Viktor began to participate in historical reenactments and fencing tournaments.

His mentors are Ferenc Temesvary, Arms Treasure Expert of the Hungarian National Museum, and Andras Jeges, a famous Historic Artifact Restorer and Blade smith. By the time Viktor was 21 he had started his own shop as a blade smith, recreating historic swords and fabricating ancient weapons.

For more information about Viktor please visit his website at www.berbekuczviktor.hu.

Legend of the Sword of Mars

A herdsman noticed one day that one of his cattle was lame and that its foot had been cut. Following the trail of blood to its source, the herdsman found an ancient sword buried in the grass. He pulled it up from the ground and brought it to Attila. It was the Sword of Mars- the god of war he declared; it was sacred and honored by former leaders of the Huns, but had vanished in ancient times; now it would bring him success as appointed ruler of the whole world, and through the Sword of Mars supremacy in all wars was assured to him.

Information and Orders

For more information about swords or to place an order contact info@berbekuczviktor.hu